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Review: Hideous Sun Demon “Cul-De-Sac Vision” Single Launch @ Mojos

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Saturday night at Mojos saw Perth’s very own psych-punk stalwarts Hideous Sun Demon launching their new single “Cul-De-Sac Vision”, from their upcoming album “Industry Connections” with support from Shit Narnia, Lalić and Peter Bibby.

First up on the night was Shit Narnia, a band I’ve seen many a time this year whose powerful and honest lyrics match seamlessly with their slightly more experimental take on the post-hardcore/punk instrumental stique.

Going into the opening set I felt pretty well acquainted with the band’s sound and performance style, including vocalist Hugh Manning’s classic shirtless approach to the front-man role (this time complete with stylings of red meat presumable drawn or tattooed onto his chest) but I was honestly taken aback by the band’s newfound form in implementing a more midwest emo/skramz direction in the new songs they played. Guitars were tapped poly-rhythmically at times and chorus’s burned brightly as the band charged through the setlist, even gracing the growing Mojos crowd to their latest single “This Is How They Kill Us” which was easily a fan favourite among many of the punters.

Next up was Melbourne band Lalić, whose variations on the Folk-punk and garage rock genres went down superbly among the now strong congregation stageside. The band conjured moments of real elegance and energy throughout their set, tip-toeing the line between Monomania-era Deerhunter and early Pat the Bunny records expertly and uniquely. The action was nearly cut short as lead singer and guitarist Mladen rocked a little too hard and the strap of the guitar (it was actually Amber Fresh’s guitar as it turns out) came loose, with little hope for the problem to be fixed onstage.

After a quick call out for a replacement, Hideous Sun Demon frontman Vin came to the rescue with a sunburst Tele in hand. Thanks to this quick display of good samaritanism, the show well and truly went on and the band played the rest of their set with a streak of confidence that resonated with all within a 25-30 metre radius.

The final support band was none other than Peter Bibby and his self proclaimed “Big Boys” which included Hamish Rahn of The Chemist/Hamjam fame on bass (who had been taught the Bibby setlist in the Mojos office not hours before). Bibby started things off with the “Big Boys Theme” breaking his usual folk rock tendencies for a moment to indulge in some intense grind-core action. Set-highlights from one of Perth’s best loved newer songwriters consisted of Fucking Teeth (Bibby’s old band) song “Medicine”, “Goodbye Johnny” off his most recent album “Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician” and “Bad Dog” a new song that reaches the blistering highs reminiscent of “Stinking Rich” on the previously mentioned record.

All in all Bibby’s Big Boys served him well, holding out for one last reprise of the theme song before leaving the stage.

At last headliner’s Hideous Sun Demon took the stage  and limbered themselves up to entertain the now packed Mojos crowded in front  of them, front-man Vin even stripping down to short shorts and a Astro Boy t-shirt for the exciting occasion. The band’s set held it’s frenetically fast pace throughout, jumping between songs from their back catalogue with ease – particular standouts being “Brick Lover” and “Flex” which sent the already chaotic crowd into a frenzy.

“Cul-De-Sac Vision”, the single the band debuted live on the night also went especially in the paint, with the staccato chorus and pulsing rhythm very nearly ripping the Mojos speakers a new one amongst the chaos. As the band closed with the stoner rock inspired “Neon Sound”, the crowd rallied especially hard in front of the band, eager to have one last intense mosh-pit before the band called it quits. As the set reach its satisfying close, the crowd slowly began to disperse, with some members of the audience finding it hard to re-adjust to reality after the cacophonous hour or so of music they had just witnessed.