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Interview: Tourist Kid

Interview By: Laurent Shervington

1. So when did you first start producing music and why?

Around 2009/2010, Mainly messing around with Reaper / Fruity Loops. A lot of the early pieces were mimetic & were mainly trying to emulate whom I liked at the time, Usually artists like Rustie or Emeralds. It started off just being because I wanted to fill the void with more of what I liked, But continued because it feels like the most eloquent & satisfying way to express myself.

2.Who would you describe as your main  influences? Who are your favourite local beatmakers?

I’d say minimalist guys like Reich stand out by far, but also musicians like Peter Michael Hamel, Bill Nelson, Early Hudmo, RP Boo, Dan Lopatin, Mark Fell, Mark Pritchard, F.S.O.L., Hecker (Tim & Florian).

Locally, not really “beatmakers” per se, my favourite musicians/producers at the moment in Perth are Nate Wood, Michael Terren, Atripat, Hugo Gerani, Zah Yeep & Plaza, Josten Myburgh (FRIENDSx5) & Savoir.

3.What do you see as the state of electronic music in Perth at the moment and how do you see developing in the near-future?

At the moment, I feel like there are a lot of great people like Good Company, Ben Taaffe, The Bird & RTRFM (Plenty of others I’m missing) who support the music but there is a lack of resources from larger institutes like WAM that entice those who produce to really stay in Perth. There are a lot of producers in Perth that I respect greatly and make amazing music, but I feel they’ll outgrow Perth & leave for greener pastures.

As a fan of more leftfield electronic music in a live setting, I feel that there’s no financial backbone in it & to actively attempt to cultivate in this climate feels futile. Those who don’t know won’t go & those who do will go elsewhere… In terms of the Artists themselves, there needs to be more opportunities for them that they wouldn’t of had otherwise. I’m grateful for RTRFM allowing me to play a 45 minute live Drone set at 5PM on the radio but overall there needs to be more wide, sustainable environments that lets the freaks feel comfortable in the music they make & perform.

4.How do you envision the live aspect of your music in comparison to your recorded material?

Live music is a visceral thing, and to not emphasise that would do the material a disservice. Making sure a full frequency range is available in a live show is a must. Any peripheral aspects of shows I’ve had (I.E. Strobing Visuals, lack of lighting) were to reach the same goal of exaggerated sensuality. Currently, The live material is more freeform, in a way.

“Recorded” “Studio” material I stress over a lot more and I usually write and produce with different goals in mind than the latter. I want to make sure what I produce punctuates the feelings / ideas that want to be brought across. I have no real interest in making songs that extend beyond the status quo length of a pop song, for example. I feel like with ambient / meditative / soundscape music, I understand the intentions of the 10-20 minute long song, but I want to be able to say in the way a 3- 5 minute song could. My favourite drone song is 2 minutes long & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Image credit: John Mayo

5. Have you got any plans for a full-length release or EP anytime soon?


6. What were your favourite records from 2015?

Jlin – Dark Energy
Theo Burt – Gloss
Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly
Lifted – 1
Ahnnu – Perception
EVOL – Flapper That

7. Any other projects you’re working on at the moment? What lies in the future for Tourist Kid?

A few releases in the pipeline & always working on more. My work ethic is not as good as I’d like. Too much laying in bed.