Our Best Articles of 2015

As the year comes to a close and we take a look at our stats, here are some of your favourite articles we’ve published this year.

To The Burger Lovers of Perth

ba 1Words by: Matt Norman 

I stand before you today as your champion. I stand before you today as your sacrifice. I stand before you today having gone where no self-respecting burger lover ever hopes to go. Sometimes, you don’t choose to review the new McDonalds Create Your Taste menu. Sometimes, you have that task thrust upon you. But I stand before you today, dear friends, having lived to tell the tale. My name is Matt Norman, and this is my story.”

Australian Pirating Won’t Stop Until Internet Speeds Get Better

ba 2Words by: Darcie Boelen

“ABC Reporter Norman Hermant reported this year that he moved house right into an internet black hole. “I thought I had moved to West Footscray, not West Africa,” he wrote, and while that sounds amusing, he is actually on point. This area in Melbourne has the same internet speed as Burkina Faso, ranked 195th in the world with only 1.5 megabits per second.”

8 Top Spots To Buy Donuts In Perth

ba 3Words by: Natasha Bloomfield

An Idiot’s Guide To The Serco & Fiona Stanley Hospital Controversy

ba 4Words by: Jonathon Davidson

“…Visions of a paperless hospital, however, were abandoned. But not before the State paid for them. So too abandoned was the original opening time of April, 2014. Instead, FSH opened six months later, last October. For every day the hospital did not open, the state lost an additional $250,000 – at least.”

Midland Couple Welcome Refugees Into Their Home – The First Home Project

ba 5Words by: Molly Schmidt

“With lots of media coverage being given to asylum seeker stories, I started wondering what sort of programs we have in Perth to help refugees settle into the community. About half an hour of google-ing and phone calls later I had found Jarrod McKenna and Teresa Lee, founders of the First Home Project.”

Chatting With The Minds Behind Humans Of Detention

12246978_1019726098087210_1104227286144598417_nWords by: Tahlia Sanders

“In my opinion, one of the strongest branches to stem from Humans of New York’s central idea, is Humans of Detention. It’s the project of eleven humanitarian students from the University of New South Wales who make weekly visits to the Villawood Detention Centre to speak to the detainees.”

Australia’s Master of Coin Proposes Netflix Tax

the-night-lands-06Words by: Samuel Herriman

“An era of unprosecuted crime is coming to an end, you realise. With a sigh, you reluctantly concede that it’s too risky to go on living the life of a swashbuckling pirate. You throw down your eyepatch and kneel before the might of the Foxtel armada.”

 12 Reasons Why You Should Have Gone To Camp Doogs

doogs-2015-15-of-17Words by: Beth Commons

“4. There’s a river. It’s got leeches in it but who cares go for a dip who even cares about the leeches not me.”