Rotunda’s Fringe Top Picks

It’s that time of the year again: Fringe is nearly upon us.

We hear you, the flurry of flamingo-headed women, clowns, sequins, polyester, flowers, fancy buttered corn, thespians, comedians, big tops – it can be difficult to know where to start. And have you had a look at the program yet? #Spoiler, it’s huge.

So we decided to collate a nice little list of things we think you’ll enjoy.

So here we go…In no particular order:


1. Illuminations 

Illuminations is an eco-art exhibition that will explore the use of alternative sources of light through a curated series of installations. Each work will rely on the participation of The Blue Room Theatre patrons throughout this year’s Summer Nights program, becoming powered and illuminated through their physical actions. This may be through the peddling of a handmade bicycle generator, the turning of a hand crank, or the cooperation of friendly bioluminescent bacteria (not naturally found in the cultural centre, of course).

As a commentary on art’s vulnerability in a state of ecological and economic collapse these works cannot activate, cannot illuminate, and will go unseen without participation.

So get down there and pedal your heart out! Don’t let good art go to waste.

Event info can be found here.


2. Comedians v Rappers

This Fringe World Festival event will feature well-known comedians and rap artist royalty going head to head in an attempt to skillfully out-crazy the opposing genre, relying on nothing but quick wit and microphone mastery.

Tickets sold out very quickly last year, so you better hop to it.

Event info can be found here.


3. Le Gateau Chocolat – Icons

Le Gateau Chocolat is a cabaret artist, drag performer, and a musically-gifted powerhouse.

Expect an eclectic mix of music as Le Gateau investigates his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his personal icons. Pop to opera, Kate Bush to Whitney, Elvis to Wagner, and Shirley to Gershwin – Chocolat covers it all.

Le Gateau will leave you spellbound, don’t miss this show, I beg of you.

Event info can be found here.


4. Magnolia’s Late Night Live

From humble backyard shed beginnings in 2012, MLNL has taken it’s DIY live, community, talk show to withering heights. Past guest alumni include Senator Scott Ludlam, John Safran, Costa Georgidias (ABC), Rok Riley, The Whipcracker (RTR), POND, Tame Impala, Kucka, Kirin J Callahan and many more.

Fronted by the demure Tristan Fidler (RTRFM’s Movie Squad), the pug-enthusiast Matt Acorn, and “Jimmy’s Choice”, local heroes and national celebrities are interviewed in a unique fashion. Specialist guest segments are peppered in for good measure, such as Mystery Drinks with Nick Odell and Amber’s Love Seat. “Hasta Luego!”

Live a little and drop by.

Event info can be found here.


5. 1x1x1

1x1x1 showcases Perth’s finest songwriting talent in a magical concept where seven solo artists play one song at a time over two rotating stages at the iconic The Odd Fellow bar in Fremantle.

Each artist becomes the headline act for a 5 minute period, playing to a captivated audience, before another act starts. Think ‘Later with Jools Holland’ on folky steroids. Its fast paced, quirky and mind blowing.

Event info can be found here.


6. Lip Sync Lounge: The Fringe World Battle

Enter the Lounge to witness Fringe World artists from across all genres battle it out with lip syncing as their only weapon of choice. The audience is the judge, so be prepared to scream your little hearts out. Oh, and if you’re lucky/game you can sing your heart out too as the audience wild card pick of the night.

No two nights are the same with no limitations on the artist’s song choices. We expect this to be better than LL Cool J’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ and to be as fantastic as ‘Lipsyncing for your Life’ from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Bring your loved ones and your loose change in support of The Leukaemia Foundation.

Have a good night and feel good about it, you can’t lose.

Event info can be found here.


7. Stranger Danger Feast

Take a leap out of your comfort zone to enjoy an incredible dinner with a bunch of complete strangers, in the Fringe World debut of Perth’s hugely popular, yet highly mysterious, Stranger Danger Dinners.

Guests will be presented with a drink on arrival, then find themselves torn from the loving embrace of friends and partners, to be seated at a table of strangers.

Why should you do this? Because stepping out of your comfort zone is worthwhile. Because we walk past people in the street and don’t acknowledge their existence. Because there are few socially acceptable ways to talk to strangers without people thinking you’re hitting on them. Because you usually cannot just ‘buy’ tickets to these dinners but have to apply – i.e. this shit e.x.c.l.u.s.i.v.e.

This is your time. Seize it. Conquer your fears. Make forever friends. You know you want to.

Event info can be found here.