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Music of The Week: Still Hiding – Boytjie

Words By: Daniel Defendi

Perth four piece Boytjie have released their latest song ‘Still Hiding’ onto SoundCloud. The quiet indie rockers showcase their moody meekness on this track, with lovelorn lyrics about breaking up and what it takes to be happy.

Singer Sam Stopforth croons nostalgically over dreamy, washed out guitars, sad, bruised, but still a little bit hopeful. He delivers an anthem to the broken hearted, and all the other casualties of love.

The band’s sound is charming, sometimes cheeky, with a shoegaze nonchalance that cries cool. Boytjie don’t stray too far from the norm on this track, tweaking the starry eyed indie sound just a little downcast. The song really shines when the members start grooving together, getting into the harmonies and sharing the spotlight.

‘Still Hiding’ isn’t an ambitious song, but it’s honest. It doesn’t make apologies for itself, it just says here I am. Laid back riffs and a slower rhythm give this humble indie offering a heart of gold, that can’t help but make you fall for it. And if you don’t, that’s okay too.