VIDEO LAUNCH: Brufield – Tainted

A lot of bands seem tempted to avoid making music videos in-studio because it’s easy to be cynical about a lack of effort, but only where visual aid is needed to bring something else to a song that lacks what it takes to grab you.

The latest single from Perth’s Brufield titled Tainted, does not suffer from that particular problem.

Reflecting an approach that is as honest and as straight up as you can get, the video humbles Brufield in a flattering way as it shows the group performing together in full jam synch with an ample background setting, a neat studio that’s not too flashy, but not trying to look unorganized and messy either (hollers out to Underground Recording Studios Perth, for you location scouts out there.) Non pretentious angles and a simple feel to the editing help the band seem accessible to the free roaming listener.

As for Brufield’s performance as a  Pop Rock outfit, they definitely don’t break any rules, but don’t stray into blandness either. Pop comes and goes in popularity, and occasionally feels like a contrast to some of Perth’s more popular acts who definitely come under the ‘alternative’ umbrella, but we can’t fault Brufield on Tainted. Emotional but balanced lyrics mash well the keyboard, two guitars and drums which come together maybe a bit predictably in the rhythm and general feel of sound, but definitely not loose in their harmony.

Tainted is an honest portrayal of the band’s talents, and promises good things for live performances.