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Video Premiere: Moistoyster – Young Luv

Words By: Beth Commons

Hey, Happy New Year! Local hotties moistoyster have crafted this hilariously earnest music video to accompany their single ‘Young Luv’ for your viewing delight. Have literally watched about eleven times since my first viewing.

They are even gifting you this lil baby FOR FREE. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.

How can you forgo insane imagery peppered with some weird emotional undertones? American tourists, hot tennis boys, carwash, Golden Gaytime, incy wincy ball-revealing bikinis. You can’t. That’s your answer. Please also go watch one of their shows this year. Their high energy performances path the way for their Perth music scene title being ‘Next Big Thing Holy Shit So Great’. Working title. Bon apetit.

Link to Soundcloud and Bandcamp