Southbound 2016 Cancelled Due To Fire Risk

The official Southbound facebook page has declared this evening that the festival will be cancelled as a safety measure in the face of prominent bushfires.

The fires, currently burning in the south west between Mandurah and Bunbury, have compromised not only the main highway that gives access to the festival site, but also the alternative, back-of-the-woods 3hr trail.

DFES and local authorities are keeping travel on these roads to necessary transit only.

Below is a sample of the post made by Southbound this evening, found in full here:

“It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of Southbound 2016, due to the fire situation in the festivals surrounding areas. After ongoing communications and information provided from the West Australian Police, Main Roads Department and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, we have no option but to cancel this year’s event. We cannot compromise patron safety and proceed knowing people’s lives are at risk getting to the event.

The only alternate route given both main highways are closed is now compromised. The alternative access to the event communicated earlier today is now only open for essential travel. As of news recently to hand festival patrons are now not able to use this road leaving us with no access to the festival site.”