Fringe Interview Quickies – St John Cowcher

Interview by: Freya Hall

We know what you want: interviews that are short, sweet, and to the point. So we devised these interview questions and shot them off to the smartest and brightest that Fringe has got to offer.

In this instalment we bring you: St John Cowcher, the star from The Man And The Moon,’ which is showing from the 2nd to the 6th of February at The Blue Room Theatre. As you may have guessed from the title this performance involves a man and a moon – but oh, it is so much more: there is a tale of forbidden, astronomical love, a 3 piece band channeling New York jazz vibes, and cabaret!

Is this your first time at Fringe? 

It’s not my first rodeo, I’ve ridden in the Fringe several times over the last few years. But I still get super excited every time Fringe World rolls round!

What is your act all about?

My show’s a one man cabaret about falling in love with the moon. It’s full of storytelling and some really beautiful songs with a killer three piece band.

What acts do you want to see most at this year’s festival?

I’m pretty keen to check out as many shows at The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights as I can – like The Tokyo Hotel and The Ballad of Frank Allen.

What do you think of Perth?

I freaking love Perth, I’ve got Fringe friends from around the world who absolutely love coming to Perth for Fringe World. The city just comes alive and there’s a real electricity in the air.

And finally, why should people come and see your show? 

Because it’ll make you smile and break your heart in equal measure and leave you whistling the tunes on the way out. Plus, the moon!