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Music of the Week: Turnstyle – Time = Function

Words By: Jordan Murray

The inherent conceit of bedroom pop, the nadir of which can be attributed to its commodification, is that it’s never meant to succeed.

It’s best appreciated within the four walls where you’re at you’re most intimate. It’s not meant to thrive on major labels or go onto achieve any broader meaning; it’s simply meant for a moment, however fleeting or insignificant it may be. In line with such humbleness, Turnstyle understand this conceit perfectly.

Time=Function is, sincerely, music that doesn’t feel like it has to succeed. It’s content to exist, soundtracking all sorts of anxiety with a twee abandon only afforded by independent, homegrown status. In the truest sense, it’s music made for your heart, bouncing around with incidental hooks and moments best described as quirky.

What’s the difference in “Where to Begin?” and “You’re Wrong”? Besides melody, tempo, lyrical content, and all that other technical business, very little. It all conforms to sound like a Saturday night without a date; pure bedroom pop. In conversation with Bob Gordon, vocalist Adam Kerimofski opined that,

‘We don’t have to think about [consciously writing ‘Turnstyle’ songs]… I haven’t suddenly become a swinging blues guitarist or adept finger picker or anything.’

It’s an apt statement to make; Kerimofski’s hobbyist approach to music speaks of everything great about independent rock. It’s not built to last, instead the sound of having nothing to prove and being pretty thrilled about the fact. It’s an endorsement I apply knowing that, even if Time = Function is gone tomorrow, I still had a pretty good time with it today; take that as you will.