RTRFM Distant Murmurs Interview Quickies – Kitchen People

Words By: Laurent Shervington

What does RTRFM mean to you?

As a listener its a safe refuge from the majority of national radio stations which tend to have a more narrow direction with what they play. Specialty shows ensure that heals of independent/local stuff gets airtime which is rad.

Personally, hearing old material I’ve written/worked on is often a sobering but inspiring encouragement to improve and write better songs.

What impact do you think it’s had on the Perth Music community in recent years?

Throwing events + playing & promoting local bands is a great support for the local scene. First time radio play is quite encouraging for a lot of new acts as well.

How do you think radio has managed to maintain relevance despite it coming across as a somewhat archaic medium?

It’s the human element. Presenters with passion who play music they genuinely enjoy is more exciting than trawling through blogs for music. It’s basically people with good taste playing stuff I usually haven’t discovered. Being able to listen while driving around is nice too. Alecs CD player skips/I’m bored of my albums.

Do you have a favourite show on RTR? Favourite presenter?

Ive discovered good stuff via drive time. Full frequency is good for my attempts at broadening my taste with electronic music.

Listening to Caitlin driving to work is cool. She’s genuine and far pleasanter than those 2 comedian wannabees on triple J. So she’s probably my fave yep

Which bands are you hanging out for at this Saturday’s Distant Murmurs?

Mining tax
Psychedelic porn crumpets x1000
Kitchen people

What can we expect from your set? Any final words?
A fill in drummer & no string breakage. Vin might stand. I’ll have learnt the art of onstage tuning too.

Also an opportunistic, sloppy and ingenuine David Bowie cover. Smashmouth aint got nothing on us (Jokes aside RIP).

Kitchen People play Distant Murmurs at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday January 16. Tickets from shop.rtrfm.com.au.