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RTRFM Distant Murmurs Interview Quickies – Regular Boys

Words By: Laurent Shervington


What does RTRFM mean to you? What impact do you think it’s had on the Perth Music community in recent years?

RTR is a good mate, they’ve been great for helping bands like ours get exposure, and have had such a positive impact for the whole artistic community.

How do you think radio has managed to maintain relevance despite it coming across as a somewhat archaic medium?

Radio is an integral medium not only for musical exposure but it also creates a sense of community among listeners. I think it’s been able to maintain relevance because its so accessible in a way that other mediums are not.

Do you have a favourite show on RTR? Favourite presenter?

All the shows offer something different, our favourite though is probably Up Late though cause you never really know what you’re going to hear. Andrew Ryan is always solid on the hot mic.

Which bands are you hanging out for at this Saturday’s Distant Murmurs?

Definitely not Kitchen People cause Jake Suriano bullies me. Mining Tax and ALZABO are always great. Pool Boy as well for sure.

What can we expect from your set?

Probably some bad banter and plenty of chords.

Any final words?

Come to the hot gig. The parmys at the Rosemount are hell good.

Regular Boys play Distant Murmurs at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday January 16. Tickets from