Fringe Interview Quickies – Joe Sellman-Leava

Interview by: Freya Hall

We know what you want: interviews that are short, sweet, and to the point. In order to satisfy all of you insatiable Fringe fanatics we devised these interview quickie questions and shot them off to the smartest and brightest that Fringe has got to offer. Lap ’em up.

In this instalment we bring you: Joe Sellman-Leava, the star of the award-winning show ‘Labels‘, which will be running at Fringe World Festival from the 2nd to the 6th of February. ‘Labels’ is a funny, moving and true story about mixed heritage and multiculturalism that charts Joe Sellman-Leava’s childhood in 90s rural England.

Is this your first time at Fringe? If so, how excited are you on a scale of 1 – 16636745?

What a scale! Let’s go with 16636745 since it’s our first ever international tour, first time in Australia, and yes first time at the Fringe – we literally couldn’t be more thrilled! We can’t wait to bring Labels to new audiences, watch some great shows, and see the city (and maybe get to the beach?!)

What is your act all about?

It’s a personal, political odyssey about mixed heritage, racism and immigration. It’s also a very funny, family story about connections and divisions, curiosities and fears.

What acts do you want to see most at this year’s festival?

Le Gateau Chocolat’s ‘Icons’ and ‘Duckie’; Puddles’ ‘Pity Party’; ‘Limbo’; Adrienne Truscott’s ‘A One Trick Pony’; Sami Shah’s ‘Islamofarcist’ and Yammel Rodriguez’s ‘La Soiree’ …though we’re only in Perth a short time before we transfer to Holden Street Theatres in Adelaide, so I hope we can fit it all in!

What do you think of Perth? 

Having never been to Perth, it’s hard to say! But we’ve heard only great things about the city, the Fringe and the people!

And finally, why should people come and see your show?

This show will you make you laugh, cry and think. Whilst it’s a small story from England, it explores something that affects us all: everybody has been labelled at one time in their lives, and we all use labels for lots of things every day.