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RTRFM Distant Murmurs Interview Quickies – Pool Boy

Words By: Laurent Shervington

What does RTRFM mean to you? What impact do you think it’s had on the Perth Music community in recent years?

RTRFM is like Perth music scene’s mumma bear. Forever looking out for us little dumb kids. Supporting us through thick and thin. Forever open minded.

RTRFM is so so important. Without them I doubt that the scene would be as flourishing as it is currently.

How do you think radio has managed to maintain relevance despite it coming across as a somewhat archaic medium?

I don’t feel like radio is an archaic medium. It maintains relevance because it’s relevant.

Do you have a favourite show on RTR? Favourite presenter?

Breakfast with Caitlin is always a delight. She is such a delight. Delightful.

Which bands are you hanging out for at this Saturday’s Distant Murmurs?

Bahasa Malay, mate. Reg Boys. Also Mining Tax obviously. Have you not seen Mining Tax? See Mining Tax. Quit horsing around.

What can we expect from your set?

Sum songs. Not really. Well yeah, we will be playing songs. We’ve also given everyone in the band a microphone so expect some quality banter from de bois. I’m gonna sit the quality banter out though, I have nothing to say ever give me a break.

Any final words?

Sylvia Plath once said that it’s really important.

Pool Boy play Distant Murmurs at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday January 16. Tickets from