Fringe Interview Quickies – Annabel Maclean from ‘PAIN IN MY ASS’

Interview by: Freya Hall

We know what you want: interviews that are short, sweet, and to the point. In order to satisfy all of you insatiable Fringe fanatics we devised these interview quickie questions and shot them off to the smartest and brightest that the festival has got to offer. Lap ’em up.

In this instalment we bring you: Annabel Maclean, the brains and butt behind ‘PAIN IN MY ASS‘.

Is this your first time at Fringe?

Aside from participating in “600 Seconds” a few years ago, yes, this is my debut Fringeworld show!

What is your act all about?

My butt. No seriously. Last year I randomly got a pilonidal sinus (don’t google it because you will regret that immediately) and it changed my life – I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t roll over in bed, I couldn’t lie down and I couldn’t sit for seven months. I had two rounds of surgery to get rid of it. This all happened just before I was about to move to Vancouver to pursue my acting shenanigans. So I got there, found out I had to have more surgery and had to turn around and come back a few months later.

Essentially the show is about the frustrating, hilarious and embarrassing moments that I’ve experienced while living with this ‘wound’ in my butt crack for the majority of 2015. It’s yucky, gross, disturbing and hopefully educational.

My good friend and fellow Perth actor Nathan Hambly is acting alongside me in the show. There is another story running parallel with the butt story in the play and Nathan is the talented gentleman who will be bringing that story to life.

What acts do you want to see most at this year’s festival?

Marney McQueen’s “Hair To The Throne”, “3 Course Comedy”, “Jon Bennett: Fire In The Meth Lab”, “Zoo Coombs Marr in Dave 2: Trigger Warning”, “34,000 Forks” and too many more to mention!

What do you think of Perth?

Perth, at Fringe time, is incredible. The whole city precinct and surrounding areas come to life. It’s fucking fantastic. I wish it was like this all year round. People come together to celebrate all the wacky, controversial and different works of art, performance, etc. It’s a delicious vibe!

From an artist’s point of view, I think Perth’s isolation is both its enemy and friend. WA artists produce great, original work and I’m sure our isolation has something to do with this. On the other hand, I recently did a screen workshop with one of Australia’s most well-known directors and he made the comment “I had no idea that there was such talent in WA”. So there’s definitely still work to be done in terms of putting Perth and WA talent on the map and bringing more creative work to our state.

And finally, why should people come and see your show?

You never know when you might get a pilonidal sinus (a cyst at the top of your buttocks in your butt crack) so by the end of the show you’ll have some handy tips on how to deal with and manage one if you do randomly get one. Oh and you should laugh, hopefully, because it is pretty ridiculously hilarious.