Fringe Interview Quickies – Mike Goldstein from ‘Mike Goldstein Does Words Good’

Interview by: Freya Hall

We know what you want: interviews that are short, sweet, and to the point. In order to satisfy all of you insatiable Fringe fanatics we devised these interview quickie questions and shot them off to the smartest and brightest that the festival has got to offer. Lap ’em up.

In this instalment we bring you: Mike Goldstein, the former corporate lawyer turned stand up comedian who will be performing ‘Mike Goldstein Does Words Good‘ from the 27th to the 31st of January at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow and from the 4th to the 6th of February at the Square Room, Midlandia.

Is this your first time at Fringe?

I’ve done sold out solo shows at Fringe World for the last two years. The crowds are always great and up for having a laugh at my dumb jokes and stories.

What is your act all about?

The ultimate futility of life and existential dread. Nah, it’s about random events that have happened to me in the past year and my reaction to them as a stunted man-child in his mid 30s.

What acts do you want to see most at this year’s festival?

I’d like to see some fellow comedians do shows. In particular, Luke Heggie, Cam Knight and Ryan Coffey. These are people I’ve toured with and the hour long format allows them to branch out a little and get out of their comfort zones.

What do you think of Perth?

Fringe World in Perth is great. It hasn’t been completely flooded yet and punters are willing to take a chance on random acts they might not have heard of. You can watch a guy crack jokes and a naked trapeze act within an hour of each other. That’s good variety.

And finally, why should people come and see your show?

It’s a solid hour of stand up and you can sit there and not have to talk to your partner for a little while.