Fringe Interview Quickies – Xavier Toby from ‘The Dinner Party with Xavier Toby’

Interview by: Freya Hall

We know what you want: interviews that are short, sweet, and to the point. In order to satisfy all of you insatiable Fringe fanatics we devised these interview quickie questions and shot them off to the smartest and brightest that the festival has got to offer. Lap ’em up.

In this instalment we bring you: Xavier Toby. Xavier’s highly acclaimed show, ‘The Dinner Party with Xavier Toby‘, involves him arguing with three self-obsessed couples represented by bottles of alcohol. It will be showing at the Sail and Anchor from the 28th to the 31st of January, the Boardwalk Theatre on the 6th and 7th of February, and at the Perth Cultural Centre from the 8th to the 14th of February.

Is this your first time at Fringe? 

I’m not a virgin, Fringe or otherwise. Comedians are known for being weird and socially awkward, so I just wanted to state for the record – I have had sex with at least one human adult female. So not weird at all.

What is your act all about?

I’m at this dinner party, see? There are five of us: me and two couples. It’s based on a real dinner party, but the other four are not able to make it for the show, as they are no fun and boring and don’t like me anymore. Boo.

So I use bottles of alcohol to represent them, and we argue, and I do a bit of stand up talking to the audience, and everyone laughs. Well, except for the bottles because they don’t have mouths, and don’t find anything funny. I’ve done the show before all over the world and it’s gone very well thank for you asking please enjoy your afternoon.

What acts do you want to see most at this year’s festival?

The good ones. I try to give the bad ones a miss, but always end up seeing a few of them as well. I don’t know, Fringe is always about discovering new things, so I’m looking forward to seeing and enjoying things I’ve never seen or heard of before. You should do the same. Try to check out the art too. I always enjoy the art.

Oh and some other comedians people should check out? Here’s a short list: Fabian Clark, Ben Darsow, Jon Bennett, Mike Goldstein and Chris Henry who’ll be on the Best of British I believe. Among many, many others.

What do you think of Perth? 

Perth is like a smaller version of Melbourne that’s got more money, but most of that money is spent on air-conditioning, beard-trimming and overly artful tattoos. So it’s like Brisbane, but with beaches, and thankfully nobody from Queensland. I love Perth.

And finally, why should people come and see your show? 

I need the money a lot more than other performers. See their pants? They own their pants. I’m so poor that mine are only rented.