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Music of the Week: Eric Copeland – Jesus Freak

Words By: Michael Winsall

Hot off the press in Long Island, Eric Copeland has dropped his latest EP “Jesus Freak”,  A great sound that is hard to define in that signature Black Dice kind of way.

L.I.E.S, or Long Island Electrical Systems, is a record label out of, you guessed it, Brooklyn, New York. Since founding in 2010 they’ve carved their niche producing nothing short of the finest electronic, outsider house and experimental music. None better personify this than Eric Copeland, experimental  music stalwart and master of simple electronic loops.

The EP, which much to my dismay is not about a person with a novelty foam finger wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “#1 JESUS FAN”, opens with the track “Stud music”, a song you will recognise due to the fact that those two words are the only lyrics to speak of. The song weaves vocals in as an extra instrument in such a surreal way, mainly because after the 30 second mark the words “stud music” start to lose meaning and you begin to question your very grasp on the English language.

Moving through the next few tracks, are a few sounds that sound an awful lot like they belong in the original Tron movie right alongside Jeff Bridges. They combine simple synth samples and distorted electric drums, slowly dissolving as each song progresses, in a manner not dissimilar to what should be happening to your brain at this point. As the sounds begin to rediscover cohesion, they form into a hard, crescendo of sound that could easily have you dancing long into the night.

Probably the easiest way to define this album is if the 80s glitched out. Like, the whole decade. Just total and systemic corruption, one that shows strange glimpses of the past and even stranger glimpses of the future. There is no easy way to sell this album to you, but I think you will find that if you listen to a few tracks you’ll probably be more than happy to pick up the vinyl and put it in your constant rotation.