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Review: Club Titticana

Words by: Michael Winsall

An alternative title to this piece would be: “Audience participation or: how to pick better friends”.

Being ushered into a booth inside De Parel Spiegeltent is a wonderful feeling. In part because the 5 people in your group that you sit with feel like some kind of Sicilian mafia family being seated at the chefs table, and in part because every time I enjoyed remembering how angry my Dutch mother gets when I purposefully mispronounce the word ‘Spiegeltent’.

However, much like the Sicilian familia, you will inevitably be stabbed in the back. Within Club Titticana, the 3rd show from comedic duo Titty Bar Ha Ha, this betrayal comes in the form of audience participation. To be fair, I was not the only one betrayed in the audience. Under the pretense of needing to stage a sham wedding before the show ends, and they required positions filled from the groom through to the vicar and the bridal party. Punctuating everything with songs and medleys and hilarious bouts of comedy, Titty Bar Ha Ha show you exactly why they command the prime spot of De Parel at 10pm on a Saturday.

However, after a great 3 minute song about periods and not dressing yourself for others, I got ratted out. I was pulled out of the crowd, under the pretense that I was to be best man for the now-groom-to-be James in the slapped together wedding. In nominating me for this display, my friend, yelling probably loud enough to be heard from the Bell Tower on the Foreshore, drew attention to our booth. “What makes him good enough to be on stage?” they asked. My friend responded, lying through his teeth, “He’s the best chef in Perth!” So, up I went, got a cheap plug to my work, before a clipboard and microphone were thrust into my hands, with a pre-written speech for me in my duties as best man.

The ‘wedding’ continued, and the show ended with a perfect kazoo duet medley, touching on everything from Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler to the Beatles.

This show was absolutely hilarious start to finish, never missing a beat and hopefully ensuring that Titty Bar Ha Ha will receive the fringe show of the year award, to make up for two nominations and no wins in previous years.

And, to my now frenemy, Nat: Revenge is a dish best served publicly. And embarrassingly. You’ve been warned.

Club Titticana runs from 24/1 to 26/1 at De Parel in northbridge and from 4/2 to 7/2 at the Mandurah PAC.