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Review: Ursula ‘The Acoma’ EP Launch @The Bird

Words By: Daniel Defendi

On Saturday night The Bird played host to some of Perth’s freshest local acts, as they came together to support headliners Ursula for the launch of their latest EP ‘The Acoma’. Nestled in the heart of the city, The Bird was the perfect location for the night’s entertainment. Come nine o clock, the dark and intimate stage was surrounded by local supporters, ready to be taken on a musical journey.

The first band of the evening was Hip Priest. The four piece indie rockers embodied the cruising coastal sounds of Perth. Dressed to unimpress, the boys let their guitars do the talking. Great use of distortion pedals gave their ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude a dirty dredge of nihilism. Taking it on their own terms, the guys laid down some serious bass lines, alternating between freeform and would-be improv, delivering a fast paced ambitious set.

After a short break between acts, Childsaint took to the stage. Setting up in silence the all girl foursome began their set without warning, taking the curious crowd’s attention completely. The band’s signature sound built slowly, with dark layers of brooding anger stirring just under the surface. Methodical drumming and low lying bass scales built an atmosphere of mounting dread, as the lead vocalist chanted over the top. Each member of the band contributed to the vocals at different points, adding to the slow ritualised ambiance. The band’s influences were varied, taking elements of grunge, rock, and even 70’s music. A highlight of the set was a particularly disturbing song featuring the tambourine. Their dark and dangerous sounds proved that these heroin heroines aren’t to be messed with.

Finally towards the end of the night, the headliners Ursula took to the stage. With their pre-show banter and cheeky pint, the scruffy, relaxed looking guys gave the impression that they hadn’t come prepared. As soon as their set began however, it was like the rollercoaster dropped.

These guys knew how to rock. The band’s powerful sound was polished and practiced to perfection. Launching straight into their first song, you could hear the confidence behind every note. The lead singers crooning vocals wavered over the frenetic energy of the band, holding the destruction around them together. Layered guitar riffs and impressive drumming created some seriously intense grooves that could not stop heads from bopping. The band showcased a great variety in their set, with echoey reverberating vocals contributing to their 90’s inspired spaceless vibe.

Their debut single for the night ‘The Acoma’ was well received by fans, garnering cheers from the crowd on the opening riffs. Reminiscent of east coast rockers Children Collide, Ursula showed that they are ready for the big time with intelligent rhythms and practiced skill.