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Music of the Week: Ermine Coat – Rent Network

Words By: Laurent Shervington

For a majority of wage earning youth in Perth, the Rent Network Facebook page is something of a go-to to organise future sharehouse endeavors, complete with a loyal following of nearly 10,000.

For Perth’s favourite lo-fi son Alex Griffin, this intriguing network society is the focus of new single ‘Rent Network’, from his upcoming follow up to the fantastic ‘Parking Lots’, ‘Faulty Landscape’.

Instrumentally the song is rather subdued and minimal for Ermine Coat, featuring a repeating muted guitar line which builds itself into its own cacophony, aided only by spare synthesizer and mild static at the poles of the track. Griffin himself sounds rather bemused in his delivery, never stretching further than a mildly concerned tone as he vaguely probes his subject about job interviews and leftover food.

In this way ‘Rent Network’ is able to evoke the essence of ‘the network’, some parts tangible, some parts forced but generally always a few degrees removed.

In the last verse of the track, a romantic past with the roommate is revealed, with lines about a prior obligation with a present undoing. Key line:

‘i want to be kept in your pocket/but you let me fall behind’

holds the most impact in the end, further emphasised by lines of a love now out to lunch.

For fans of: Beat Happening, Julia Brown and Modest Mouse.