Creative Writing

Poetry: lost traveller

Words by: Mandy Moe Pwint Tu

the sky has been a constant blue, and i have longed for rain but the earth is still

parched, there is sand in my mouth, i am still parched, i thirst


for rain, for freshness, for renewal, i am as barren as the desert, you cannot tell me

there are springs within me,


i am void, i am empty, you are the lost traveller waiting by the wayside

for aid to come around, but there is no one coming,

and only the darkness waiting,


spare me your stories, traveller, i am in no mood for tales;

you are lost within me and i have been lost for a long while,

under the same sky, i hear the same music

playing over and over again, i listen because

i don’t know what else to do,


i write old words because i am too afraid to learn new ones,

i read safety books because i am afraid to fall


although caterwauling through your loveliness is a risk

i have already taken, you cannot know

the storms i have harboured within me,


that i do not let you see even

when i am so close to crashing,


(there was one tear that slid out of my eye,

i have kept the rest at bay)


you do not know my anger, my anger i can never direct

at you, it is always at myself, me, why am i

so useless, so stupid, so incompetent, why


are my feet stuck here where i stand,

where you stand, why can i not move,

why will i not move –


i love you, i love you, i love you,


these are words forever pounding in my head,

i love you, i cannot

leave you.


landmasses shifting and the oceans screaming

it is my voice that rings

into oblivion,


let’s speak again of fears and i will tell you mine.

it’s new, i’ve changed.


i cannot lose you.


i am afraid.


i love you.


lost traveller, good, true, kind, brave, sweet, gentle, lost traveller,

you have found me

in the faults and fractures of this earth,


you have found me, do not

lose me.


but if you must, please

don’t forget me.