REVIEW: Deadpan Comics Society @ Fringe

Reviewed by: Samantha Chemuduri

Pez dispensers, creepy shower jokes, tuberculosis and heartbreak – a review of the Deadpan Comics Society. If the double penetration jokes don’t leave you in stitches, I don’t know what will.

On Wednesday the 27th I found myself at the Noodle Palace yet again to watch my second Fringe show. What the Noodle Palace lacks in well uh, noodles, they make up for in awesome acts. The Deadpan Comics Society comprises of blank face comedians – Dez Pondent, Sonny Yang and Cory John Rist.    

The performance starts out with a short clip involving stick figures and the origins of comedy, and how the art of deadpan comedy came to be. Following this, brief introductions are made and squabbles about who the funniest really is ensue. Cue the god of humor, who suggests the only way to truly settle their argument is by having a ‘deadpan off’. This is where things really start to get interesting.

The first to take the stage is Cory John Rist, who really is the master of one liners, delivering zinger after zinger. His humor is odd, slightly sexual, but you can’t help the chortles slipping through your lips.  If you’re a Welcome to Night Vale fan, you will find yourself liking his set even more.

The next performer was Sonny Yang, who was seated center stage with his mug. Like Rist, some elements of his set reminded me of Welcome to Night Vale. Regardless, if his jokes about the supernatural or lenses cloths don’t get you – his simple presence just might.

To follow Sonny, and the last to perform was Dez Pondent. Dez is a film critic, which is something he incorporates into his set. He often reviews movies, or uses the central themes of them to leave you holding your sides from laughter. One of my personal favorites from his set was the part that involved the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

All in all, they deliver an emotionless performance. It was brilliant. My friend, who had accompanied me, had even admitted that one stray tear found its way down her face due to immense hilarity. If you don’t have any plans for this weekend – I would most certainly recommend going to catch their show. Even if you already have plans – squeeze them in. Everyone needs more vitamin L in their life. By the end of it you’ll sure to want your own face on a mug like Sonny Yang. Or find yourself with the unsettling feeling that Cory John Rist is watching you in the shower. And if you’re really lucky – Dez might give you a pez.