REVIEW: Dark Matter @ Fringe

Words by: Samantha Chemuduri

Do you ever see something so ethereal that you question whether your eyes are deceiving you? Well, that’s how I felt when I watched Kinetica perform their show Dark Matter. The show is inspired by theories of astrophysics, and they display this through a series stunning aerials, acrobatics and visual theatre.

From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out – it’s like you’re transported to a different place. You’re bathed in a galactic light in a dark tent, which creates an aura of its own. In the corner there’s a violinist (who was one of my personal favorite elements from the show) – whenever the hair of her bow touches the strings you feel like you’re more and more on another planet. The show begins with a small violin solo, followed by all the dancers coming onto stage. And then each skill is represented in different stages – each just as astounding as the rest.

The show consists of a series different circus acts, including lyra (an aerial hoop), silks, a large metal pole, and much more. You’ll see people hold themselves up, simply held up by a rope tied to their foot and their sheer core power. You’ll see them drop in progress sequences from an aerial net. Watch them contort their body on aerial ropes. One of my personal favorite parts of the show, which will make your jaw slack a little, and your eyes focus solely in one spot is during the second performance. One of the performers spins around the rope like an orbit, and it’s simply breathtaking. That and it’s a little concerning because you’re also wondering if he’s going to be okay after that (so much spinning, haha).

I promise this show won’t fail to send chills down your spine, make the goosebumps rise from your skin, and make you gape in awe and wonder. Kinetica will be performing their show Dark Matter till the 1st of February, and they will be performing their show Sinsuality from 15th to the 21st of February. If you don’t get to catch Dark Matter, you should get your butt to Sinsuality, which has the dark circus from Dark Matter as well as so much more.