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REVIEW: Australia, It’s Time to Clean Your Room @ Fringe

Words by: Meg Lack

‘Australia, it’s time to clean your room’ at the Cheeky Sparrow delivers a unique performance on why Australia should legalise gay marriage.

The show is a two piece theatre performance on marriage equality, created by the newly developed Theatre Diary and features Gregory Ryan and Connor Humm.

The 45 minute set uses abstract acting, dialogue and recorded audio to deliver a argument for marriage equality and questions Australia’s political and religious motives for not having made it legal already. The script incorporates real life interviews with the people of Perth to provide different views and creates a sense of truth and realism to the set. I really enjoyed this aspect as  the script was obviously  based on everyday voices and opinions, which I found to be a very unique aspect.

While undoubtedly ‘Australia, it’s time to clean your room’ is promoting marriage equality it did share views of those against marriage equality although with a hint of mockery and humour, including a very entertaining dialogue based on a MPs comments on the issue.

The two actors showcased  a lot of talent and chemistry on set and make use of their quaint cosy venue. This piece certainly made me want to continue discussing this issue long after the set finished and left me even more confused as to why Australia had not yet legalized marriage equality.

‘Australia, it’s time to clean your room’ was a interesting and entertaining piece which sparked laughter and thought from the audience, and  I would recommend keeping an eye out on upcoming works of The Theatre Diary.