REVIEW: Briefs @ Fringe

Reviewed by: Lauren Kinder

Fringe World fan favourites Briefs have returned to Perth for another sellout season of cheeky vaudevillian antics. This talented group of boylesque performers have gathered quite a following in little ol’ Perth and are continuing to win fans across the globe. I’m not surprised all shows sold out in advance, considering anytime someone mentions the word ‘fringe’, the next question is undoubtably – “are you going to see Briefs?” If you were lucky and organised enough to grab tickets, prepare yourself for 90 minutes of unforgettable cabernet, circus, stunts and laughs.

It’s a only Wednesday night, but the West Australian Spiegeltent is packed full of eager patrons speculating about the events ahead. An array of flirtatious beautiful men take the stage, instantly exciting the audience with a lush and revealing feather fan boy-lesque routine, but the opener is only a tease of what’s to come. Our host for the evening, the forever fabulous not-to-be-fucked-with Shivannah (Fez Fa’anana) consistently has the crowd’s attention throughout the night with her fierce presence, unapologetic quick wit, incredible outfits and underneath all those divine lashes – a heart of gold. Accompanied by a noble waiter, Lachy Shelley, who provided some great comedic moments.

But each performer brings their own glittery arsenal to the stage, it’s impossible to pick favourites. Dallas Dellaforce performs her unique brand of eccentric drag performances, and is also responsible for the stunning outfits displayed throughout the performance. Once you’re finished ‘admiring’ Louis Biggs physique, you’ll giggle and be amazed by his impressive acrobatic stunts and choreography. The Evil Hate Monkey fully commits to his onstage persona, and I truly appreciate a man in a yellow tutu performing pointe ballet whilst throwing banana peels into the crowd with incredibly accuracy. The rare moments of silence, in-between constant fits of laughter are shared with aerialist, Thomas Worrell, whose astounding silk and trapeze skills leave everyone captivated.

This was my third year seeing the Briefs boys perform at Fringe World, and I still want more. For seasoned fans, you’ll notice that Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill is absent this time around. And admittedly, although I did miss Captain Kidd’s incredible burlesque talents and shameless sass, I still thoroughly enjoyed the new routines and change ups. My friend, a Fringe first-timer, was none the wiser, and will be even more blown away next year, once Captain Kidd returns.

You’ll leave your seat ready to boogie, wishing you secretly shazamed all the tracks from the evening, and promising to see the show three times over next year. It’s a high that’s the result of an unforgettable Fringe show, with a deeper message to embrace the weird within yourself. Unfortunately, the 2016 season is already sold out. But you can still catch a glimpse of this talented troupe at Club Briefs. And be sure not to miss out at Fringe World 2017.