Non Profit Groups Promoting Aboriginal Site Preservation To Receive Grants Up To $50k

The beginning of round 3 of applications for a funding program open to groups aiming to “preserve and promote Aboriginal Sites” was announced last Tuesday on the the West Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs website. According to the department, the total sum of funds to be allocated sits at $146,000, with GST registered groups able to apply for up to $50,000 each and non-registered groups up to $15,000.

This follows a series of reports last year that found Aboriginal heritage sites were at threat, being both contested in court last year and reaching the media spotlight. Of particular interest were the removals of heritage sites from the Aboriginal Heritage Register, an online map and technical legal document created under the two pieces of legislation in West Australia that regard Aboriginal heritage sites. We did a write-up on this late last year, and you can read that here – but two researchers from UWA are the ones who alerted media and wrote the initial report.

Only not for profit organisations are able to apply, with individuals and government and or state agencies (like universities) banned from applying. The two stage application process is in strict lieu with legislation and specifically requires that successful applicants must promote Aboriginal sites.