5 Perth Comics You Need To Check Out

Written by: Luke Hickey

With less than two weeks left in the Fringe season, its time to take a look at some of the best examples of Perth-raised comedy we’ve experienced in this brief time. Some of those mentioned in this list-based article, or “listicle” if you wanna get all Mt. Lawley with your vocabulary, still have Fringe dates on the books, and I can’t recommend checking out at least one of these funny dudes more. Let’s go!


5. Rory Lowe

Rory’s unpredictable and wild stage presence make him one of the most fun acts on the Fringe roster. His conversational delivery and fluid audience interaction is guaranteed silliness (in a good way) and his delivery is so off-the-cuff and organic you wonder whether his pre-show notes was simply writing a few words on a cue card. Unfortunately, his Fringe show Instagrams 2 Grammys has already wrapped up after a few sell-out performances. However he is a pretty permanent fixture on the Perth comedy circuit, so definitely check out one of his local shows if you ever get the chance.


4. Sean Conway

After taking out the WA Raw Comedy crown in 2013, Sean Conway’s done nothing but keep on punching, getting some nice support slots next to US comedy all-stars such as Doug Stanhope, Ari Shaffir and the legendary Dom Irrera. Hell, you may have even seen him already with Fremantle legends such as Matthew Pavlich and Nat Fyfe in the viral Youtube clip The Unsung Docker. Sean’s Fringe show, Rock ‘N’ Rolla, opened to great reviews and despite its run of dates being finished, you can still catch him around Perth supporting other comic’s shows, because he’s a good dude like that. However, Conway’s stock is likely to keep rising, so it’s definitely worth checking him out now before he goes all Hollywood and shaves his beard. 


3. Dezpondent

Easily one of the most unique performers on this list, Dezpondent’s deadpan delivery as Australia’s 8th-ranked movie critic is one of the most consistently hilarious and bizarrely surreal acts on the Perth comedy circuit. Specialising in “Hollywood blockbusters, independent art-house, and respectful pornography”, Dez has performed alongside such Aus comedy greats as Wil Anderson, Chris ‘The Bloke’ Franklin and Greg Fleet, in addition to hosting his own movie review segment on Radio 6PR. I wholeheartedly suggest getting down to Fringe World to check out his show, I Am Not An Animal, I Am A Film Critic. Alternatively, Dez will also be spitting deadpan disses at Comedians vs. Rappers alongside a bunch of other Perth comedy greats.


2. David Tuffley

There may be those who exclaim “But Tuffley doesn’t have a Fringe show of his own, how can he be part of an article that ostensibly exists to plug Fringe shows?”

To those I say, and pardon my sailor language, take a long walk off a short pier. Tuffley’s that good that any show he appears on goes from a 7 to a 9. And while he may not have a show to call his own, he’ll be appearing in a bunch of others (including, for the second time on this list, Comedians vs. Rappers). Point is, any time you see this guy’s name on a set-list, you’re in for a good time. His awkward, standoffish delivery belies a sharp wit and some devastating one-liners. If you like the stylings of Mitch Hedberg or Jimmy Carr, definitely check David Tuffley out.


1. Colin Ebsworth

To put it lightly, Colin Ebsworth is a goddamn comedy powerhouse. The guy is barely in his twenties and already has two sold-out award-winning Fringe performances under his belt, in addition to being a national finalist at Raw Comedy and headlining the Rottofest Comedy Festival. We’ve talked to him previously about his escapades in stand-up, but no doubt he will have a bunch of new experiences o regale punters with at his new Fringe show, Neato Burrito. But get in quick though, as of today he only has one performance left at the Perth Cultural Centre. If you’re reading this on your phone as you amble through Northbridge, check it the fuck out. Only 20 bones.