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REVIEW: Vanity Bites Back @ Fringe

Words by: Meg Lack

‘Vanity Bites Back’ performed at the Noodle Palace is a hard one to describe and left me completely in awe of what I had just seen.

Hosted by the incredibly charming and instantly likeable Helen Duff, she single-handedly manages to promote the idea of loving yourself through her performance of making a cheesecake, and fighting back against eating disorders.

Her act as a lively cookery host is eccentric, often seeming to ramble on in the most bizarre manner, which may leave people a bit taken aback. But the underlying message of her performance is a important and obviously personal one; that you are who you are and self worth is important.

Parts of her set are extremely powerful, and one that stands out to me particularly was when she tries to convinces herself to gorge on some cheesecake, shouting just eat it over and over. Comical indeed but sends a strong message on what anorexia means. She often incorporated the audience into her funny bold and sensitive script, making it seem very natural.

While some may find this show a little confusing as to where it’s heading, it is very fun and I would recommend checking out the show just for Duff’s energetic and stage worthy performance.

‘Vanity Bites Back’ is running for seven more nights and her second show ‘Smasher’ begins on the 15th Feb.