REVIEW: El Bizarro @ Fringe

Words by: Michael Winsall

After a sold out 2015 season, El Bizarro returns to Fringe World with their trademark kooky carnival motifs. Although this show does provide something for almost everyone, be warned that it is not for the faint of heart.

Danger Cabaret has assembled some great local, interstate and international artists for this year. Within the big top, late at night (the only time and place to host this show, in my opinion), MC and ring leader Magnus D. Magnus invites you in, gets you comfortable, and introduces the first act: Contortionist Ella Rose. Moving through, Magnus manages to keep the audience entertained as the stage kittens clear up the stage from one act, and set up for the next. This proves to be important later on, as the more elaborate acts take the stage and require longer to set up and pack down.

Up next is local burlesque artist Vivian Marlowe, Doing a routine to a medley of songs including the Doors and the Black Keys, in a costume that was almost too surreal to comprehend at first. The next two acts, Canadian based Agatha Frisky and Victoria based Elle Diablo, were also burlesque. However, it was their use of props that kept the three acts defined and interesting (Elle Diablo bringing out a sword, and Agatha Frisky bringing out her husband).

The next act, exclusively performing in the late night showing of El Bizarro, was Circus Carnis, Perth’s Greatest freakshow and purveyors of a unique brand of pain art. There is no real way to describe their act other than enthralling. It was at this point the first person of the night fainted, and the warning at the beginning of the show about feeling light headed came into play. Crew came to the womans aid, gave her a bottle of water before helping her out of the tent.

There would only be one more person to faint on the night, during Swedish guest David Eriksson’s performance, as he jumped on stage in his hot pink hot pants and proceeded to do amazing tricks with ping pong balls (minds out of the gutter please). Following Eriksson was the finale, an amazing pyrotechnic display by German Performance artist and Suspected fire mage Missa Blue, that thankfully worked well in the high ceiling of the big top.

There’s a lot of words that could be used to describe El Bizarro, but I think the best words I could use are “You’ve got to see it to believe it.”

El Bizarro runs from 13/2 to 20/2 before jumping over to Adelaide fringe.