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Music Interview: Scalphunter

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Ahead of the band’s single launch on Saturday at Amplifier, we caught up with Steve Knoth AKA Stevie Goodlooks of Perth punk band Scalphunter. Be sure to to check out the track below and head down on Saturday if you can!

For those unaware, who are Scalphunter and what do you do?

We are probably the most bad ass rock/thrash/punk band within about 35 meters of the Perth train station area right now. I mean, that’s no mean feat… hahaha *folds arms & looks tough*

 How was the band’s year in 2015?

2015 was a year of highs for us. We got the chance to sit down with Adam Round and lay down a full length album, we scored a WAM award for best Punk/Hardcore act, we played some killer sold out shows over in Victoria with our buddies Clowns as well as numerous awesome shows here launching our first couple of singles. All in all it was a great year.

You’re launching the new single ‘Men With Square Eyes’ this Saturday (Feb 20th) at Amplifier Bar, can you tell me a little bit about the track and the lyrical content? 

‘Men With Square Eyes’ is a tale of a man engulfed by a digital age and his struggle to stand against mass media driven propaganda machines. All of our songs are really each standalone snap shot social commentaries on life today and things we see around us.

How does the track stand out from the rest of your material?

This song stands out I guess in regard to the collaborative way it came about. It was actually written in the studio at the last minute and we all banged our heads together with Adam and this little gem came out. As far as the sound goes, it is probably one of the less heavy tracks. I wouldn’t call it easy listening, but certainly not as aggressive sounding as some of the others.

Given the intense nature of the band’s music, do you find the live setting is the most direct or raw way to represent the material?

Ahh… BOTH! Playing live is 100% what we are about. Sure recording and releasing a cd or vinyl is awesome. But for us it is all about seeing, touching and sweating on a crowd and that unproduced unfiltered energy that can only come from a live gig. For us it is both direct and raw, everything that is Scalphunter.

What can we expect from your set this Saturday?

Well, contrary to the last question, this single launch show we all plan to stand completely motionless and really lock eyes with the whole crowd. I think our bass player Matt might be planning a small hair flick, nothing too intense. Alex might even contemplate high fiving Ash during a song break too. But apart from that we probably won’t go in for all that crazy stage diving, scissor kicking, windmilling nonsense like normal. We just want to keep it all nice and relaxing… (NOT)

7. Finally, what lies in the near future for Scalphunter?

Obviously we are excited to be able to drop our album, so there will be that. Also, we are planning some more extensive tours and are going to hit a lot of places we have never been before. Who knows we might even play some international shows… it’s all in the works at present. 2016 promises to be exciting that’s for sure.