REVIEW: Baby Got Back @ Fringe

Words by: Freya Hall

Baby Got Back has an excellent bio on the Fringe Website. Despite this, I had some reservations about the show. Why? Because the last two Fringe cabaret performances that I saw also claimed to be five star shows but were lacklustre. I’m overjoyed to report that my satisfaction dry spell was quashed; this show is the shit (sorry for butt-related pun).

The show began with the MC demanding that the men in the audience respect women’s right to ‘pop that pussy’ and, like their genitals, to refrain from whipping their phones out during the show. This no-nonsense, no-apologies, proud, body positive, vibe underscored the entire show.

This show truly lives up to its claim of being ‘psychosexual adventure’. My favourite performer was Vesper White because she most truly embodied this notion. Without giving too much away, her first performance involved stuffing four donuts into her mouth, squishing them over her body and face, rubbing them into her genitals, and feeding these genital-coated donut scraps to a man in the audience. But all the girls were great, talented, beautiful, and funny and all of their solo performances were a sight to behold.

If you like ass then this show has all the ass you could ask for; shaking ass, naked ass, bedazzled ass, sequin g-string ass, dancing ass. It’s very ass-centric, as the name suggests. So don’t see this show if you don’t like ass, if you are prudish, if you are ‘too mature’ to laugh at jokes about anal sex, or if you don’t enjoy butt-related puns (see above).

Aside from ass, this show also showcases full frontal nudity, feminism, and comedy. Literally, the best combination I could think of. So go and see it; it’s fucking sexy and fucking empowering.

Baby Got Back is showing at The Shambles from 18 to 21 of February.