Extremely Shit Review Of West End Deli Met With Community Anger

Popular local facebook group ‘WA Bartenders’ is currently a buzzing hotbed of activity, prompted by one Graeme Kelly, a member of staff at West End Deli.

“Chloe and Kelly,” two ex-cooking show hosts who got given food review jobs in The Sunday Times, have manged to confuse everyone – not only by being given a status that implies people know who they are, but also by being caught out completely fabricating the content of a negative review on West End featured in this weekend’s STM section of the Sunday Times.

According to Graeme, the line in Kelly Ramsay’s review where her and Chloe decide to head out to LeedervilleĀ for a second dinner is completely false, because he alleges that Kelly only came with her fiance, didn’t have enough on her card to pay for the meal, and then avoided payment for 7 weeks by ignoring multiple attempts to contact.

Since around 1 this afternoon, Graeme’s post in WA Bartenders has gotten over half a thousand likes and a lot of in-comments support. The post was first published on the WED facebook page, which has received over 7,000 reactions from Perth and beyond.

WAToday have also picked up on the news, leaving Chloe and Kelly’s future as food critics uncertain, although at least now we know who they are.