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REVIEW: The Little Pantry

Words by: Yoshika Kon

The Little Pantry in Shenton Park is an unassuming little café that does big things. Located away from busy central streets, The Little Pantry offers up a casual spot to catch up with friends or enjoy some time in solitude. The Little Pantry has everything you’d want in a café: an open and relaxed space with natural lighting, friendly service with a no-fuss attitude and good food and coffee.

The best thing about the café is their extensive breakfast menu that boasts dishes like truffled scrambled eggs, two types of pancakes and smashed avocado. Upon entering the café, I already knew what I was going to order: The Little Pantry’s infamous brioche French toast ($16). It’s THE dish to have when eating at The Little Pantry. With two thick slabs of buttery brioche, sandwiched together with Nutella, topped with rhubarb, pistachios and vanilla ice cream, and an espresso glass filled with warm salted caramel sauce on the side, this dish is bound to send anyone who orders it into a sugar induced coma. Definitely not for the faint hearted. The brioche was wonderfully eggy in the inside and crisp on the outside, it also acted as the perfect base to soak up the vanilla ice cream and salted caramel. The dish not only proved its worth in flavour but in textures as well, there was the softness of the brioche, the cold melting ice cream, warm gooey caramel and Nutella and crunchy pistachios.

All the elements on the plate were delicious together and separately, the salted caramel especially had a perfect balance between its buttery and sugary flavours as well as retaining a good kick of salt. Although delicious on many levels, the dish was super sweet and I found myself struggling to finish it. I would definitely recommend sharing this with someone.

If sweet dishes aren’t for you, The Little Pantry also serves up classic savoury dishes like brekky sesame bagels and sweet corn fritters. They also have a cabinet full of fresh salads, quiches and a wide selection of sandwiches and bagels. Breakfast ends at 11:45am, and a lunch menu comes in to action at 12pm, although thankfully, on weekends The Little Pantry offers an all-day breakfast menu, as well as weekend specials.

The Little Pantry is located at 206 Nicholson Road Shenton Park and are open 7am-4pm Monday to Friday, 7am-2pm on Saturday and 8am-2pm on Sunday.