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Review: RTRFM Inversion

Words By: Timothy Sutherland

RTR FM is arguably the most interesting radio station in Perth. I say this because of their connection to the community, the many volunteers at RTR are great as they do not just serve their listeners over air, they are also in the field. This time around it was at the hands of the Bass check selectors (Vishnu, SNB and Bixler) and Full Frequency, who presented an intense but varied line-up of Drum’n’Bass, bass heavy and grimy music at an event called Inversion.

The night, 11th march at Flyrite, started off with the Bass check selectors themselves. I was unfortunately caught up in a mad dash out of work and missed their first show, but luckily they made a return and I’ll say it was one of the best sets I’ve heard in Perth. The first act I caught was Dart vs Devo and they had a real good mix of genres. They gave a great sound for the start of the night, where the crowed was fairly small. Dellity kept the mad sounds playing to the growing audience and as the set was nearing its end the sounds really picked up to what you would expect from a Drum and Bass heavy night in Perth.

My last big night out was at Villa, to a packed out international act, and I have to say that the next act from Inversion destroyed Villa’s show; which was a great gig. The DnB scene here in Perth is heavy and the people that attend are generally diehard listeners. Terrance and Phillip pumped a well varied set with some mad neuro funk sounds for a whole 70 minutes.

The choice in venue was on point! Flyrite! I can’t say it enough. The outside area is cosy yet spacious with couches, benches and an outdoors bar. It also works as a smoking area so to say that people struggled to leave a set is a really big thing. The entire night felt like a Boiler Room party just for us. It wasn’t an official Boiler Room though that would be a great idea!

The overall show was non-stop tunes being pumped out Flyrites speakers. The Deep End CollectiveDart vs DevoGran Calavera, Bass Check Selektors (Bixler, SNB & Vishnu)Dellity and Terrence & Phillip all contributed greatness to this showcase in the form of bassey grimey Drum and Bass music. An awesome atmosphere at the venue was combined with a diehard Perth Drum and Bass audience to create the definition of RTR FM’s Inversion event; which will not be forgotten!

You can look forward to their next event through listening to 92.1, subscribing to RTR Fm and over at their website.