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Interview: Mangelwurzel

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Johnny Baird

So who are Mangelwurzel and what do you do?

We all met in a support group for suspected alien abductions, which was in itself an abduction or sorts. We are all living generally normal lives now when we ain’t doing band together.

People sure have trouble defining your musical style, is this something you like or do you feel you fit snuggly into a specific genre?

They do, and we do too.. Who knows what it is, i wish some snuggy genre would take us in. I think if you really cut the shit and stop faffing about the band is basically Funk-Punk..

What’s the song-writing process like?

Slow yet fruitful when the time is right.

New album ‘Gary’ came out a few weeks ago, how does it feel to get the debut finally out?

Very relieving, it took too long..

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

No they’re all as important as the others.

What was the recording process like? I understand you had some trusted hands on deck for the recording/mixing/mastering process.

Slow too, but it all came together in the end.. We had some great people working on it with us: Liam Barton, Stu Mackenzie + Mikey Young. Thanks boys ;P

So big national tour incoming, what can Perth punters expect from your sets? Confetti?

The shows have been getting quite outrageous, 10+ minute free jams with audience participation, crowd surfing foldback speakers, nudity + other general naughtiness..

What’s next for the band after the tour?

Who knows.

Mangelwurzel play at Babushka with Doctopus and Spaceman on the 1st of April, get tickets here!