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RTRFM In the Pines Interview Quickies – Jacob Diamond

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Jacob Diamond

Who are you and what music do you make?

I am Jacob Diamond and I make alt/folk/pop with four of my friends who also have names.

What is your fondest In the Pines memory?

My fondest memory of In The Pines is winning a mounted In The Pines 2015 poster when I subscribed to RTR during Radiothon last year… And the reason that that random seemingly insulting answer is my answer is because I’ve never actually been to one :S

I’ve always been working at my lame jobs on ITP days since I’ve been of age! Also I just hate supporting local music. Ach I’m bloody joshin’, I’ve seriously just been rostered on and missed the pine-y boat(s).

What makes the event so special?

It’s local-ness, rarity, bloody serenity and generally cranked vibe dial. Stoked to be counted among the performers this year.

What other bands are you looking forward to catching on the day?

I love me some Ben Witt because how is he even a thing and Pissedcolas and Verge Collection and shared drummer Ethan’s hit group Tizza Lizza.

The UWA Sommerville Auditorium is home to both Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylla) and Western Australian Peppermint trees (Agonis flexusosa), do you have any particular preference between the two?

Apparently I hate supporting local stuff, so yeah have to lock in Norfolk Island Pines. I’m a heterophile.

What can we expect from your set?

Some new songs! We’re going into the studio to record our debut album the week after ITP so we will have been gearing up for that pretty intensely.

Hope that’s ok!