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RTRFM In the Pines Interview Quickies – The Wheelers of Oz

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Sam Eastcott

Who are you and what music do you make?

We are The Wheelers of Oz, Seven strapping young lads building a wall of sound that echo’s for eternity.

What is your fondest In the Pines memory?

Sadly, We have been out of town each time In The Pines has been on in the past. We look forward to creating our fondest memory of In The Pines at this year’s event!

What makes the event so special?

A whole day of local music while the golden sun shines through some of Perth’s oldest pine trees. What’s not special about that?

What other bands are you looking forward to catching on the day?

The whole line up is looking pretty tasty!! We will be sure to catch Jacob Diamond and Peter Bibby is one not to miss.

The UWA Sommerville Auditorium is home to both Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylla)and Western Australian Peppermint trees (Agonis flexusosa), do you have any particular preference between the two?

Well, the Norfolk Pines are obviously an import and the Peppy trees are native. We know the event is about keeping it local but we are not into the mosquitos that Peppy Trees attract so we are going to go with Norfolk Pines on this one.

What can we expect from your set?

A bunch of songs from our album Revivalised. Plus some new ones that are soon to be released.