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Music Interview: Hinds

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Easily one of the busiest touring acts at the moment, Spain’s own garage pop darlings Hinds will be setting sail towards Australian shores this May with a bunch of shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane before gracing the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth on their last stop.

Hinds are touring on the back of their undeniably fun debut ‘Leave Me Alone’, a collection of  songs both new and old (some dating back to when the band was known as Deers) centering on relationships and strange situations with a generous amount of catchy melodies and twee smirk to boot.

In anticipation of the show on May the 9th at the Rosie I had a chat with guitarist and singer Ana Perrotte over the phone from Madrid to talk about what’s going on in the world of Hinds.

“Today I woke up feeling very weird as yesterday was the first day I didn’t go out for like four months. It’s crazy great [coming home after a long tour] because we can do things we can’t do when we’re on tour like laundry and seeing friends and family.

At the same time I get this feeling like I am so used to be so exhausted and busy all the time, that when I have free time I don’t know what to do with it – I can’t even watch a movie anymore, its crazy!”.

Coming back to Spain is a different experience nowadays for the band, never really experiencing the insane fanfare they get in other parts of the world until they released ‘Leave Me Alone’;

“The shows never used to be as crazy, Spain came a little bit later to the fan thing because in Spain everything in the music industry goes slow. You gotta have the album, you gotta do the press and it’s just a lot slower.

For one year and a half we just toured the world and played in small venues in Madrid, but when the record came out suddenly we’re playing huge 1000 capacity venues so now it’s great”

The band also return to Spain for the two year anniversary of being known as Hinds, a milestone that felt like it went by quickly and slowly to Ana.

“When I think about it I can’t believe that I’ve been working two years on this, then at the same time I think about all the things we’ve done I can’t believe it’s only been two years.

We have a super special party planned, we’re playing here in Madrid and we’re bringing Twin Peaks which cost a lot to bring over but the money doesn’t matter as we just want to put on the best party we can for our Madrid friends”

Considering the nationalism of music and the way we can view artists under different lenses based on their country of origin, Hinds appear to be leading the charge for their Spanish contemporaries compared to more traditional music identities of Spain (Enrique Inglesias or Paco de Lucia).

“Yeah, I mean it’s not lot the UK where they generate bands everyday, but there’s definitely a scene. We are what we are because we were born here and because other bands showed us what garage punk music was.

The other day was the release party of one of the most influential bands from Spain ‘Los Nastys’ and it was so so good, every time we see them we’re always so surprised. The more we travel the more we appreciate what a good live band is and they’re fucking great live.

The way we write songs, people say we do ‘weird poetry’  as it’s not English not Spanish it’s sort of another weird language, so I think people can tell we’re from Spain; besides the music you can tell in the way we communicate on social media, the way we talk in interviews you can tell we’re not from the UK or the States – so I guess people know we’re Spanish already”

Prior to arriving back in Spain the band played some shows in Japan, doing radio and TV interviews whilst falling in love with the neon lights and culture of the country. A curious development occurred over the bands three shows  in terms of the crowd involvement;

“In the first gig they weren’t dancing too much but they were super nice, they seemed enjoying it a lot but without really dancing much. We thought we maybe didn’t do that well, so the next day we came on stage and I don’t know why but I said ‘We’re used to people dancing with us so c’mon dance with us’ at about the middle of the gig.

Suddenly just because of asking it they went crazy, dancing like there was no tomorrow – almost crowd surfing even! We felt like actresses or something -it felt like we were really entertaining them. It was so different to what we had experienced before.”

The band’s tour of Australia starts on the 5th of May in Sydney and the whole band are incredibly excited to come back to Australia.

“We fucking love it! It’s so different because when we tour we really don’t have time to get to see the cities but the way we know the cities is through the people; the fans, the promoters , everyone. We totally felt different with Australian people in an interesting way, it’s kind of cool because we had three days in Sydney and we already had a group of friends to hang with and call and they’re so excited we’re coming again, so we feel like we have friends there.

This is strange to us because we usually travel so fast and so we’re so busy that we don’t really have time to meet people but we felt really cozy there.”

After the Australian tour the band are not stopping to rest, playing more shows in Spain, France and Lisbon followed by the US, Mexico and Canada in June.

Hinds play at the Rosemount Hotel on the 9th of May. Tickets here