Manus Island Reportedly Facing Imminent Shut Down

According to the ABC, the Prime Minister of PNG has just announced that Manus island will be shut down.

This follows the last day and half of news after it broke that the PNG Supreme court deemed Manus Island unconstitutional.

A wave of legal meetings and hearings have been playing out since yesterday, involving immigration minsiter Peter Dutton and appealing to the considerations of Bill Shorten and other high-level political figures.

Mr. Dutton has allegedly declared that Australia sees Manus as within legal grounds, but this comes at contrast to comments made today by Prime Minister of PNG who has declared that Manus Island will be closed, according to ABC breaking social media reports.

It is unclear where the 800 remaining refugees will be sent. At least one lawyer contacted for prior media coverage believes that the women and children may be released whereas men are likely to be transferred to Nauru island.