REVIEW: Christmas Day at McDonalds – Hip Priest

Reviewed by Michael Winsall

“Christmas Day at McDonalds” is the debut album by local Lo-Fi rockers and self-proclaimed aficionados of Deli Meats, Hip Priest, That will leave you humming along and possibly singing inappropriate lyrics in public for days.

Hailing from “The Re-Store” (at least according to their Facebook page), Hip Priest comes out of the gate strong with the opening track “Bamalam”, a short minute and a half track that blasts you with cheery, distorted guitar and a chorus that’s both easy to remember and even easier to sing along to. Once this is finished, you are treated to a few slower tracks that are very reminiscent of music such as early Weezer. This is best evidenced in the second track, Material Bump, which immediately reminded me of “Say it ain’t so”.

The third track, “Bath Salts”, is where you are going to pick up some earworms that might not be too acceptable in proper company, as seen simply in the line “I want to smoke bath salts with you”. I find the best course of action in this scenario is to stop associating with proper company, as there’s no way to consolidate Champagne and Caviar with Lo-Fi bands from the most isolated capital city in the world.

As the album progresses, it swings from strength to strength, until it finishes with the song “boontalam”, a strange corrupted glitch of an 8-bit song that may or may not be a cover of the first track off the album, it’s hard to tell. This song doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the album, although it is great by its own merit – I just feel the album may have been better if it had have finished on the second last track, “Do you want some blow?”

Over all, this album has lots to offer and is easily and readily enjoyable, especially for being such a strong first offering from Hip Priest. Christmas day at McDonalds is available through Hip Priest’s Bandcamp.

Stream the whole album below!