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FOOD: Jersey Jack Gelato

Words by: Catherine Coetzer

Jersey Jack Gelato in Como completely surprised me with its excellently considered range of flavours and chilled out cafe vibe. The first time I hit up this little dessert spot it was anything but deserted. Apparently at 8:00pm on a Sunday everyone has a hankering for gelato. Despite how busy this little place was, I had honestly never heard of it before and stumbled across it by accident during a late-night ice-cream craving fuelled Google frenzy. And I fear I may be exposing a local secret.

Jersey Jack Gelato had drawn me in with its promise of Donut Cones. That sounds amazing right? It sounds like the kind of food that ten years ago, Australians would have mocked Americans for eating. But now we all can’t get enough of putting donuts in foods they have no right to be and revelling in the decadence. Jersey Jack pulled me in with its Donut Cones and I knew I had to go.

This little gelato bar looks more like a coffee shop than any Geláre ever could (despite how much we all know Geláre is trying). With all black exterior, cool outdoor greenery, and a dramatic feature wall of dripping paint I knew this was a place was going to be a little different. The alfresco area and cute little seating poufs were all filled up by the time I got there, but that just fuelled my excitement. This place is crowded at night time on a Sunday, it has to be good right? And oh, it was.

The flavours available intrigued me. There were surprising twists on classics like Vanilla with Saffron, and the excellently executed Ferrero Rocher. But there were also flavours I hadn’t seen in gelato before like Coconut with Pandan, and the one that I grabbed a sample of, Vanilla, Pear and Caramelised Fig (a Mum pleaser no doubt). As well as a few hard to find but much loved flavours like Black Sesame. Of course I got a Donut Cone topped off with a scoop of the Ferrero gelato. Unfortunately this is where things started going downhill.

First off, this stuff is expensive. And if you’re like me, you maybe don’t have the kind of money to just be throwing it at gelato all the time. This place is a treat, for sure. My one scoop of gelato in my fancy sugar and dough spire cost me around $10. I say around because I was treating my lovely boyfriend at the time and paid for both his and mine. And I do mean spire. The Donut Cone they handed me was more like a Donut Column. There was nothing cone shaped about this new kind of gastronomic monstrosity. It was cold, it was soggy, and the sugar got everywhere. I had to delicately balance my gelato as it perched on top of this disappointment stick while I tried my best to appreciate how great the actual gelato was. The flavours in my Ferrero gelato were perfect, the textures were amazing and the little pieces of chocolate and nuts were in exactly the right distribution. When it comes to gelato these people know what they’re doing. When it comes to donuts… well there’s a reason they’re not Jersey Jack Donuts. That thing was nasty and just got nastier. The middle was filled with thin cream and the bottom was filled with a concoction that didn’t seem to know if it was strawberry jam or chocolate syrup. I give myself much of a chance to find out because that bit went straight in the bin.

Overall, despite the donut disappointment, this is a place I would still recommend to my friends. Absolutely. This little spot is perfect for hanging out with people you care about and sharing something special with. It could even make a perfect first date spot and there’s a movie theatre right next door. Jersey Jack Gelato may have let me down a little with their Sunday only special but the gelato is really what they’re all about. And I could not fault the quality of the gelato they delivered.

This is hands down the most unique gelato experience in Perth right now. I thoroughly recommend trying this place out and I know that I will be going again, bringing along more people who I think deserve to try something a little special.

Jersey Jack Gelato is located at 22 Preston St, Como.

Open from: Monday   Closed
Tuesday   3-9pm
Wednesday   3-9pm
Thursday   3-9pm
Friday   10am-10pm
Saturday   10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-10pm