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Music of The Week : Black Stone From the Sun – Vice Versa

Words By: Jake Eckersley

Yesterday perth grunge lords Black Stone From the Sun released a sneaky single and it’s the kind of tune that makes your mouth water uncontrollably; I have to confess to dribbling on myself the first time I heard it. These dudes have been around for a little while, but this latest track is easily the pinnacle of what these guys have put out so far.

The opening riff kicks you right in face and leads into the verse with one of the sweetest opening drum fills I’ve heard of late. The wiry, treble filled guitar in the verse is reminiscent of the delicious period of Silverchair before Daniel Johns became a self indulgent shit nugget and the chorus is meatier than that time Hungry Jacks introduced those horrid quad patty cheeseburgers.

The vocals are as sloppy as the poo’s that followed the above mentioned cheeseburger, but in the best of ways. That chesty, slightly harsh drawl they carry transport you right back to the period of the 90’s us dirty Gen Y’ers pretend we could possibly remember and it just oozes Cobain love.

If I were to pick on anything, the woo-ohs at the end take away from the grit of the track, but it’s not even totally out of place.

It’s loose but well thought out, refined and overall, a totally solid release from the Perth duo. Did I mention that it’s a duo? Well it is. Check ‘em out on unearthed and get those hits up, they deserve it.