Mayor of Perth Facing Court Tribunal For Being A Shit Mayor, Essentially

by Smoko Henderson

Lisa Scaffidi, Lord Mayor of Perth, has been getting a lot of bad press in the last year or so, largely because people keep leaking evidence of her being a shitty mayor, whether it be rental disputes regarding buildings that she owns ultimately via proxy, or her failure to disclose travel arrangements. Should politicans be held to different standards, given their roles, and be granted some taxpayer funded flights here and there? You know what, I’m going to say sure. I’m not convinced that city mayors should get to live the high life, though.

At any rate, our Mayor has decided that yes, actually, they should. In a report released in October last year by the CCC, it was found that Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi had significantly failed in her duties as mayor. That report ultimately dealt with an unclaimed trip to Beijing. This was in breach of the Local Government Act, a naughty mistake that the Mayor was “deeply apologetic” for.

A new report released today, leaked to WAToday who have put it up for public access (dope), has found 45 breaches of the Local Government Act perpetrated by Lord Mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi. Forty five as in the number, forty five. The reports have also looked into 20 international flights taken between 2008 and 2014.

Of course, Scaffidi is saying that she hasn’t acted corruptly, and is reportedly refusing to resign.