Brazil Manages To Fuck Up Their Environmental Ministry Worse Than Us, Australia Sighs In Relief

Words by Smoko Henderson

Michel Temer, the recently appointed President of Brazil, has made the rounds online today for appointing Blairo Maggi as Minister for Environment – who is both a creationist, and also a soybean tycoon who owns companies responsible for massive deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, Maggi is the first politician in over a decade of Brazillian political history to have an all-male cabinet.

In response, Australia has sighed a breath of relief, no longer being among the most abject laughing stocks of the world.

A lot of uproar was made when Tony Abbott confirmed he was a climate change denier, and when the Abbott-Turnbull government introduced massive environmental science cuts to the CSIRO – particularly Antarctic divisions. We can’t fund ongoing environmental research, but we can fund multinational prison and security contractor Serco to build an icebreaker that isn’t the icebreaker CSIRO already use and have access to.

Temer’s government is taking a hard swing to the right, an unusual development in the last twenty odd years of Brazil’s general political leanings. Not only that, but Maggi has been battling corruption charges in recent years, at least one outlet reports that hardly any Brazillians had heard of Temer before his appointment as President, and Maggi is hardly the only stakeholder under investigation who has been recently appointed high paying government roles, officially meaning that there is probably a worse party in power than not only the Barnett state and city governments, but also our general Coalition.

These facts also make us relieved, because now it’s not just us who are full of shit. Thanks Brazil!