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REVIEW: Hatched 2016

Words by: C. J. Lewis

Friday the 13th was a night to remember with the Hatched opening night party at the Perth Institution of Contemporary Arts. This was also the 25th anniversary for Hatched.

The announcement of the winner of the $35,000 Schenberg Art Fellowship was once again awarded to one of the Hatched artists. The artists participating in the exhibition came from 23 art schools and universities from around the country. The beginning of the opening night party was the announcement of the winner. Selena De Carvalho was the recipient of this momentous and prestigious award.

Selena De Carvalho was the artist of Ecological Haunts. This unique and magnificent piece of contemporary art was well deserving of being selected as the winning piece. “Ecological Haunts combines natural and manmade materials to show the speculative possibilities of what may occur if humans took the time to tune in and listen to non-human systems in the age of global warming”. This piece of contemporary art was astoundingly beautiful, intricate and by far one of my favourites. However, there were a vast amount of contemporary art pieces that were equally unique and deserving of this award.

The opening night saw a range and diverse selection of contemporary art being displayed in PICA. Every artist’s work aroused the appreciation and admiration from the big turn up of people and art enthusiasts to the event. Whether or not you were a contemporary art specialist or art enthusiast or even just an individual curious about the art being exhibited you could appreciate and see the beauty and work behind the pieces of art. For example, Athena Thebus’ work the Angry Angel was fascinating and extraordinary. The suspended ceiling with a hole, leaking liquid onto the chair to create a wet patch or soaking the chair with liquid spilling onto the floor was I thought rather clever. It is a project that looks at the practice of “queering and of rupturing such structures effective of capitalism by inserting and turning on the moments of shame and anticipation”. Other artworks such as the Quiet Square by the artist Jane Skeer and Transversion by the artist Yi-wen Yu are wonderful and exciting pieces of contemporary art as well. The overall contemporary art pieces displayed and on show at PICA were all sublime, wondrous and impressive in their own individual way.

The night wasn’t all just about the contemporary art. The atmosphere was also livened up by a live band performance by the band Spaceman, and a live broadcasting by RTR FM 92.1. The bar and selection of food vans available such as Pakora and Authentic Asian Street Food at the event added to the feel good vibes and the overall enjoyment of the night.

This exhibition will continue up until July 17th, leaving plenty of time for art enthusiasts and others curious and interested in contemporary art to visit PICA and view the artwork displayed. It is well worth the drive and visit to the city to come down to the Perth Institution of Contemporary Art to view and discover the new artworks on show for all to see. You might just find that you love what you see there.