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Review: Sprawl ‘Deepo’ Album Release @ The Rosemount Hotel

 Words By: Laurent Shervington

Early support band Good Try put on a tight set of twee informed indie rock, with a strong focus of the majority of their songs being on catchy hooks and sharp guitar chords. The band’s sound clearly owes much to bands like Frankie Cosmos, adult mom and Quarterbacks, however the style is somewhat underrepresented in the Perth scene overall.

Hip Priest were up next to the delight of the larger crowd, treating their fans to their brand of hyper catchy power pop. The band finished their set off with fan favourite “Do You Want Some Blow”, thanks to a very democratic crowd voting process.

Headliners Sprawl took to the stage about quarter past 11, playing their fantastic new album ‘Deepo’ in its entirety. Having clocked multiple listens on the release prior to the show I can confirm the band swept through the songs without a hitch, at times even displaying a heightened sense of urgency in their shrill screams and jagged melodies. Particular highlights included fan favourite ‘Wishbone’ (singalong included) and the frenetic ‘Unsafe Sex’. As the last wavelengths of ‘Terroir Formed’ faded out, it felt slightly strange to leave the world of ‘Deepo’. Such was the band’s ability to create a unique quasi-dystopic  world on their record, feeling incredibly immersive and cohesive when listened to in it’s entirety live.

This idea of performing a release in it’s entirety show’s pride in one’s own creation and can maintain a level of interest from fans, here’s to more of this happening in Perth.

You can listen to ‘Deepo’ on Sprawl’s bandcamp here.