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RTRFM Winter Music Festival Quickies – Simone and Girlfunkle

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Who are you what music do you make?

Thrash-Folk. We sing in close three-part harmony and make indie folk pop that is designed to give you feels and make you tap your toes.

Do you think there is a dichotomy between Fremantle and Perth in terms of music scenes?

*Googles Dichotomy*
Hmmm not really; there’s psych bands and rock bands and folk bands and all kinds of sounds hailing from both towns. Having thriving music scenes may even make the two more alike than disparate.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Winter’? Any tips for staying warm?

I think how lucky we are to have such relatively mild winters compared to other places and I think- yeah Perth you’re alright! Also I naturally think about heated throw blankets and all the associated worries that come with being very clumsy with tea and having wires with electricity essentially wrapped around you.

Any other bands on the lineup you’re looking forward to seeing?

Tom Fisher and the Layabouts, Aikoka, Rag ‘n Bone, Ralway Bell, TIM STACEY feat. High Horse…

What can we expect from your set?

A few old favourites, a couple of tunes that we’re getting ready for our new album, new band members (we’ve poached some good-uns) and lots and lots of sugary harmonies.

Any final words?

Come to the Wintery Music Festival the weather will be mild comparatively to other countries and if not the vibe will warm you up!

RTRFM’s Winter Festival is on the 25th of June, Links Below!

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