8 AFL Teams Chosen For Women’s League

Collingwood, Carlton, Western Bulldogs, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, GWS and Brisbane have reportedly been successfully selected for inclusion into an AFL women’s league, with all 8 teams reportedly to have active units by 2018 .

The decision comes from the AFL today following 13 teams’ submissions towards the new move which, all sensationalism aside, is a historical moment for AFL fans and institutions everywhere.

While women playing AFL is a discussion topic with a fair amount of dust on it, only in recent years has there been any real tangible effort to get it going underway outside of regularly meeting local women’s teams scattered across the country.

Exhibition games like the one last year that featured an all women’s Western Bulldogs team have garnered more and more attention with each showing, and this culmination of public interest (and thus pressure) is reflected in today’s decision.

While 8 groups have been successfully selected, it is not clear when games will start, if teams are already organised or not, and when the first kick-off will be.

The West Coast Eagles allegedly ‘narrowly’ missed a submission form but are reportedly confirmed for a 2018 start off as well.