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RTRFM Winter Music Festival Quickies – moistoyster

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Who are you what music do you make?

Hello, my name is Jordan Shakespeare and I play the drum-kit instrument in the noisy, surf-pop band moistoyster.

Do you think there is a dichotomy between Fremantle and Perth in terms of music scenes?

Yes, the music scene in Fremantle is really nice, but once you cross the river it’s not so nice.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Winter’? Any tips for staying warm?

Winter reminds me of depression and soup, which are two things i know a lot about. Soup and sex keeps you warm, or if you’re me just soup.

Any other bands on the lineup you’re looking forward to seeing?

Galloping Foxleys are the only band I would go to see! Shane is my Dad and I love him.

What can we expect from your set?

6 or 7 songs in no particular order, loud noisy, confused, surf-pop played by 3 depressed white males (and Jack).

Any final words?

The Winter Music Festival will be cold and loud.